Golden Mylk: Part 1

Hey, I just heard about Golden Mylk…Of course, you have!

It is climbing in popularity faster now than ever, even though these superfood root powders have been around for, literally, ages in ayurvedic medicine, food, drinks and more! Turmeric, being the main ingredient, mixed with Ceylon cinnamon and pure ginger combined, bring a myriad of health benefits that I can write a blog all on its own(which maybe I will do at a later time) but for now I want to show what is in our top-selling product, Golden Mylk and a quick rundown of what it actually does for you.

So what’s in it?

In the Claritea blend, we have it at a 65% Turmeric base, 25% Ceylon Cinnamon and 15% pure ginger. All organic, all powder. We found that this was the perfect ratio for all our superfood powders for the body to absorb just right and made it just as convenient for one to take.




Turmeric: Great for fighting inflammation, arthritis, aches and pains, improves cognitive function and memory!

Ginger Root: Used for stomach soothing, acid reflux and gastritis. It also works so well to settle turmeric in the body!

Ceylon Cinnamon: Sourced from Sri Lanka, is known as “real or true” cinnamon since it has the lowest traces of coumarin which makes it safe for daily onsumption. All other cinnamons are referred to as Cassia, which have high coumarin traces. Some benefits of ceylon cinnamon are regulating sugar levels, help reduce cravings and it’s also naturally sweeter than all cinnamons!

Why the black pepper? Black pepper contains piperine, when mixed with turmeric, gives your blood time to absorb it before your stomach does, which then allows your body to see better results and a much higher dose of cucurmin from the turmeric!

Optional to add but..Don’t orget the healthy fat! Coconut oil or milk can be added or made with the Golden Mylk, since coconut fat contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which reduce inflammation in the body, it works so well with helping the turmeric ignite in the body even more!

A lot of people have even been drinking Golden Mylk warm to help with insomnia and has found it to be very successful. Now go give it a try with the recipe from Blog 2 Part 2! Can't wait to see how you drink your Golden Mylk



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