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Golden Mylk

Golden Mylk

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This superfood blend of Turmeric, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger and Black Pepper

This blend has been used to help with:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Arthritis, aches, and pains.
  • Diabetes, sugar levels, and cravings.
  • Stomach soothing, acid reflux and gastritis.

Instructions to make one of the top superfood powders that you can conveniently add in your every day busy lifestyles:

  • Add just half a teaspoon in water, tea, coffee or change it up in baked goods, pancakes and french toast.
  • Most seem to enjoy it with their milk of choice, whether it be dairy or non-dairy,
  • Or try it in a smoothie/shake!

Check the next image on why we use only Ceylon Cinnamon in our Golden Mylk Blend. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jen Vazquez

I bought this recently and I’ve been drinking it for the past week and can already notice a difference in my body. I make it as a latte before going to bed. My skin is feeling better (I had a few breakouts and now my skin is smooth and clear, along with other skin products used). My metabolism has improved and it helps me get a good night’s rest. I absolutely love the taste and will be buying more!

Eden McFadden
Love this!

Love this and have blended it into smoothies as well as made a latte out of it, highly recommend this and their tea blends!

Ann McQueen
Everything it should be

Delicious ..I bought one for my daughter who uses Turmeric. she used it in her coffee before I did. She loved it. So I bought her the 30oz bag.
She was really happy. Very well blended...good job Claritea.

Michelle Blodgett Rochell
Morning Coffee and Golden Mylk

I put a small scoop of the Golden Mylk in my coffee almost every morning and absolutely love the flavor

Golden Tea

I live this tea! I read the reviews and didn’t know I could add milk with it, and Oh my, glad I did! I am not sure if this helps with blood pressure and constipation but it has help with my blood pressure, and constipation and joint pain. I started drinking it twice a day. It also helps with my sugar craving.



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